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3d Laser Scanning Services

Calvada Surveying, Inc. is proud to be an elite land surveying firm/company providing state of the art in land surveying technology called High-Definition Surveying (HDS) or 3D laser scanning. This powerful surveying technology not only allows us to perform our traditional surveying services more accurately, but also opens up new ways of providing worth to our customers.

High-Definition Surveying or 3D laser scanning survey is an innovative technique used by Calvada Surveying, Inc. that simply takes the guess work out of obtaining as-built documentation. High Definition Surveying or 3D laser scanning survey offers an unobtrusive process to obtain accurate as-built information of any indoor or outdoor, man-made or natural structure efficiently, under any lighting conditions and regardless of site conditions.

3d Laser Scanning Services

3D Point Cloud generated from an HDS
Laser Scan of the existing coal mine conveyor belt.
3d Laser Scanning Technology

Accurate 3D Drawing of the existing belt to be used
for engineering design and construction for the tie-in point.